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GR 01 Historian Lillian Faderman explores “The Gay Revolution”

The Early Days: 1948- Stonewall (1969) Lillian Faderman's comprehensive history The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle takes us from 1948 through the US Supreme Court decision that legalized Gay marriage in 2015. But for the first episode of Graying Rainbows we tried to focus on the events before Stonewall. Post WW2 was a very difficult time to be Gay in America...

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Introduction to Graying Rainbows

Why a podcast about coming out LGB+ Later in Life? This is the introductory trailer for Graying Rainbows: the podcast community for Coming Out LGBT+ Later in Life. Host, Dr. Ginger Campbell, explains why she is launching a new podcast focused on the needs of people coming out later in life. Dr. Campbell has been podcasting since 2006 (Brain...

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